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Hi my loves! Welcome to my very first blog post! I’m so excited to be able to share my personal thoughts and opinions on a separate platform! Let’s start off by introducing myself as the face behind Luli Bebé. My name is Arpi Khachatryan, and I am a wife, mother, and the designer/CEO of my very own diaper bag collection.

I was born in Armenia, raised in Spain, and moved to the US eight years ago! My different cultural influences are apparent in my brand and make me the business woman I am today. As many of you know, Luli Bebé began as a simple idea, and evolved into the brand

that it is today.

Let’s trace back to the beginning, where I can explain how the idea came to me. I was pregnant with my daughter Lucy, and my sister (also pregnant at the time and living in Spain), sent me a Pasito a Pasito diaper bag as a baby gift. I immediately fell in love with the bag. I was still working at the time, and actually continued working until the very last days of my pregnancy. Fast forward a few months, Lucy is three months, and I am surrounded by all things baby. Her arrival inspired me to embark on a new business adventure, so I decided to embrace the diaper bag and baby business. I just needed something to keep myself busy that I was passionate about. Don’t get me wrong, I loved spending all of my time with my little girl, but I just couldn't see myself not working for months to come. I began thinking of ways I could work from home, and still spend as much time as I want with my daughter. Then, it hit me.

Since I first started using my Pasito a Pasito diaper bag, I hadn’t stopped raving about it. I wanted everyone to feel the same excitement and convenience I did while using this bag. The idea to ship the bags from Spain and sell them in the US felt like the greatest opportunity for me at the moment. Luckily, my husband was very supportive from the beginning and helped me in more ways than I can count! I can’t thank him enough for being so helpful and insightful.

Fast forward another couple of months, and the bags from Pasito a Pasito are being worn by major celebrities like Irina Shayk and Natalie Portman. At this point, I began to get the working bug again and started to design my very own diaper bag. I researched everything from materials, quality, colors, and even asked several other mamas what features they wanted in diaper bags. Eventually, after several sketches and samples, my very own design was perfected and brought to life! I was ready to sell Luli Bebé diaper bags; the result of my hard work and dedication, and made for the modern and stylish mama.

I get asked often about the Luli Bebé name. It is a combination of my niece’s name, Lili, and my daughter’s name, Lucy. Both little girls mean the world to me, and it was only fitting to honor them by naming my diaper bags after them. With that being said, I’d like to share some exciting news to my readers. Luli Bebé will be adding a brand new member to the team, because…surprise! I’m pregnant!

Photos by @nananewbornphotography

My husband, Lucy, and I are so excited to welcome a baby boy to our family in September 2019. I am feeling all emotions at the same time!

Excitement, nervousness, happiness, and more! That’s why I have made the decision to pour my heart and soul into a blog to share my experience with other moms. I will be sharing tips and tricks as I learn along the way, along with product reviews and much more! Please feel free to ask me any questions you would like answered as a semi-lengthy blog post!

I can’t wait to start this new journey and connect with moms all around the world!

With love, Arpi

The Luli Bebé Mom

Photos by @nananewbornphotography

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